False or fact? Am I able to or will i do? Is the fear of false hope keeping you from your purpose? Do you love the position your in more than you love your purpose? I often ask myself these questions. Am I happy with today, yesterday, tomorrow but in return not fulfilling my purpose? Or am I going through this position and feeling because I AM fulfilling my purpose. -What is my purpose? Is there something in the way of my purpose? Must be fear. I constantly have reassurances; angel numbers, signs from God, subliminal messages/phrases that hit my heart that speak to me and tell me that I am on God’s path he made for me. There’s always that doubt, that depression, the unsettling emotion that overwhelms me from time-fear, and it happens to all of us. So how do you get over fear?

Evidence. You found yourself in a position and think to yourself that you’r here for one reason, however later on find out you were there for a different reason and in turn you learn a spiritual awakening? God is good isn’t he? He sets you up to be in places where you need to be for a reason to bring you closer to your faith and to Him all the while you’re thinking you’re in that same place to get materialistic needs. You now have a revelation and spiritual growth from it. Or how about this: have you ever found yourself in an elevated place from which you arose from but make the same decisions as you were living previously then end up either back in the previous position or life takes a turn for the worse? “The way you handled things in the sheep’s field is NOT the way you handle things in the Kings Palace.” (Dharius Daniels). Meaning, you can’t keep doing that hood rat shit you did in your early twenties when you’ve built on your purpose and are manifesting in it. But maybe you go back to that hoodrat shit because fear attacked your heart and you’re forced to go back to comfort. This is the evidence you need to lead you to your revelation. I’ve learned this lesson without realizing that it was a revelation to overcoming such fear. “You don’t overcome fear by will power, but by revelation.” You must GROW through a situation in order to overcome your fear of it.

Appearing like one thing but wanting another is another form of fear. Are you telling yourself that you can’t do something because you’ve seen someone else do it and they couldn’t? Or maybe it looks easy to them and you fear it won’t be as easy to you. At the end of Dharius Daniels podcast ends with three things you need to get over your fears. Like i said I go through this lesson millions of times especially during motherhood but i was never able to put to words the steps and process of how to overcome fear. May not work for everyone however, some points in the message may be awakening to you or someone you know. I hope I’m able to touch the hearts of some. 1. Revelation of God’s love. Awaken to the mindset that His love is pure and intentional. 1 John 4:18- there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. 2. Satan’s lies. These are the thought he puts in your mind that aren’t true. He will tell you “YOU CAN’T”. Satan works to attack your faith. He lies about what will happen to you or what it means. Therefore you know that when he tells you “YOU CAN’T” that honestly just means you CAN. Keep manifesting to yourself that you are strong and powerful; you are and you can. 3. The power of our lips. Proverb 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Dharius says the most important person besides God that talks to me, is ME! With that said, are your words speaking fear or faith?

Real fear will hold you back and make you miss opportunities that will help you grow. Encourage you and myself to continue to write down what you mean to you. Why you love you. What you love most about you. Repeat self love to yourself, care for yourself. Doing these things will help you realize your purpose and recognize the devils work in stopping you from your purpose. Speak your truth and guard your heart; for everything you do flows from it.The enemy is incapable of handling the truth.

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  1. I needed this my love! You’re so amazing in every way, and I encourage you to continue these entries in the blog. They are powerful. I love that I’ve been blessed to have you as a partner in crime (and life) haha. You’re absolutely indescribable Perlita!

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