Skin Care Routine

*the products listed on this page I am NOT affiliated with or profit from*

Here’s a peak into my skin care and beauty routine. Hope you enjoy!

Hydration masks, detox masks, charcoal mask, vit c serum, facial scrub- it seems like when it comes to your skin care routine you have to add a variety and abundance of products just to get that airbrush glowing look am I right? No worries, I literally thought the same thing. However I had to realize that my skin is delicate and sensitive as well as thin. The more things I added into my skin care routine the more trouble I was having maintaining my skin. I roughly had about 10-15 different products to use on my skin alone. WTF?! Less is more, Pearl. Less is more. With that being said I’ve narrowed down my skin care routine to just a handful of products in which I don’t even use daily while still having that GLOWY smooth and dewy skin.

Water. First things first, am I drinking enough water? Hydration is on of the very most key components to maintaining my skin. I felt i was already drinking enough water but decided to up my intake by one more water bottle a day to ensure good blood flow and to add some plumpness to my skin. Drink more water, seriously even if you don’t care about your skin, just do it I bet your organs are thirsty.

Diet. Another high key component that plays a major roll in skin care is what you eat. I’ve always noticed when I ate sugary things or consume dairy my skin breaks out pretty bad. In the most unappealing places too. Make sure you have a balanced diet of fruits and veggies and maybe hold off on one snack for the day. Oh, and also drink more water!

Alright lets get to the good stuff


For my face I use a variety of products. Yes I know, I’ve previously said less is more, however I do not use these products daily and not even weekly. These are just literally all the products I use and swap out once one runs out.

  • Bath By Bex Red Moroccan Clay
  • Burt’s Bees’ Deep Cleansing Cream
  • Affinia Facial Scrub*
  • Affinia Facial Cleanser + Toner*
  • Bath By Bex CBD Face Serum
  • Facetory Oats Calming Glow Oil
  • e.l.f.+ glow dewy mist
  • Rose & Cactus Face Mist
  • Beauty Skin Lab Tea Tree + Vitamin E Face Cream
  • Witch Hazel
  • Rose Water
  • Indian Healing Clay
  • Fast Beauty Co. Down & Dirty Charcoal Rosemary
  • Fast Beauty Co. Honey Drench Sheet Mask
  • Fast Beauty Co. Drink Up Sheet Mask

Face Mist: For these I will use whatever’s closest and spray throughout the day as needed for a refreshing feeling.

Morning: 1If I decide to take a shower (usually take night showers) I will use the Burt’s Bees’ Deep Cleansing Cream as soon as I step into the shower and massage into face/leave it on until I’m ready to rinse the soap away. 2Use either Witch Hazel or Rose Water for toner, apply with cotton ball. 3Followed by, either Bath by Bex’s CBD Face Serum OR Facetory Oats Calming Glow Oil depending on what I have available and I will use a face roller when and if I remember. 4After, I will use Beauty Skin Lab Tea Tree + Vitamin E.

Night: 1Bath by Bex Red Moroccan Clay and massage into face for about 2 minutes then rinse. 2Every other night, I will use Affinia Facial Cleanser + Toner (yes alongside the moroccan clay). 3Every other night (NOT alongside Affinia Facial Cleanser) I will use either Witch Hazel or my DIY Rose Water toner whenever I get roses and make it. 4Followed with either Bath by Bex’s CBD Face Serum OR Facetory Oats depending on what I have available and I will use a face roller when and if I remember.

Scrubs: I will use Affinia Facial Scrub once a week no matter if a scrub says “gently enough for daily use” I personally feel I don’t need to scrub my delicate face everyday. Sometimes I will scrub as needed if it’s a super sweaty day for me.

Masks: I do about 2-3 masks during the week. Each week I will use either the Charcoal Rosemary mask or Indian Healing Clay w/ ACV. Then for the second or third mask of the week I will use one of Fast Beauty Company’s Sheet Mask.

Comment below and let me know what products you use and why! I love to try and review new products. Bonus points if they are cruelty free/vegan/bunny approved!