Breast is best

Scientifically your breastmilk is superior to other donor milk and formula. SCIENTIFICALLY your breastmilk is tailored to your baby. With that being said, I (a used to be uneducated formula feeding badass), am not attacking nor shaming you moms that do formula feed. It’s just that, well the breastmilk you make has so many benefits to your little one including but not limited to, illness fighting antibodies, a sleep aid to you and your babe, skin care like cradle cap, etc. Honestly just put some breast milk on it for a day and see if it improves or not, it really can’t hurt! At the end of the day, do whats best for your situation at home. Try breastfeeding first, then donor milk if you’re able to get your hands on em, then formula. The milk we make for our babes is designed to for them so please give it to them!

I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I know its HARD, painful and rewarding so if you need help please don’t be afraid to reach out. I was in your shoes. My docs advised against breastfeeding in the beginning ( wtf?!) I also had a very small support system in breastfeeding because i was being selfish in only feeding the baby. So now, fuck it! Hell yeah I’M selfish feeding MY baby. It’s MY baby and I’ll feed him how i want to even if he was formula fed! I will do my best to attach links and images on different scenarios that you may be going through in order to help you on your breastfeeding journey. Links can be found under my “Breast is best” on page 2 or found directly here.