That was easy.

At what point do you realize you need to change the way you parent? You’ve gotta admit there’s at least one time you needed to step back and try a different approach in how you teach your kids the things you do. So when is an appropriate time to check yourself?

I’ve been told by some that I make motherhood look easy however I’ll be the first to let you know it’s not. You know what is easy though is failure, and disappointment. Also feeling like you should probably just give up. But you know what…it’s human freakin nature to feel the way you do. The way you feel is valid and true and what Ive personally learned in how to justify those feelings is to always be honest and own up to what I have said and how I said it. I apologize to my kids and I also believe every parent should when they’ve been wrong because you’re not always right no matter how old your kid is and no matter how much experience you have. One way I know I need to check myself is when my kids do or say things I do to their siblings vs what they do/say to me. Theeenn i gotta step back and evaluate where the misunderstandings lie.

As a mom showing my vulnerability to my kids is sensitive. How do I appropriately approach situations or problems when my kids aren’t listening or when my form of discipline isn’t working? Honestly how on earth am I supposed to know when something has lasted long enough to be effective especially with kids of different ages? There are some things she can do that he can’t and there are some things I want each one to do specifically that the other two already know how to do. I find myself saying “because you already know how to do _____, and now I’m teaching ______ to do it too,” over and over daily. Like dang, did I say your name?? I have to take mini breather break which are just three good long deep breaths on the spot several times a day. It helps drastically also every now and then I have to excuse myself and just take a minute to myself. I’m open with my kids and let them know what I’m doing and showing them how after a moment to yourself you can come back and try again. It shows, and what a beautiful sight to see your own kids take their moment or mini breather breaks to figure out what needs to be done. It’s not all the time however it’s happening and I can say I’m successful in that they’re learning it’s okay to pause for a second and gather yourself when there’s an issue.

By no means am I saying this makes up for all of motherhood, it’s honestly a small glimpse compared to the overwhelming and rewarding feelings you have raising your babies. It’s fulfilling knowing I’m raising some outspoken courageous and bold tiny humans. I encourage all kind of feelings while also trying to teach them to remain valid and humble with their words and actions. I love seeing how they implement what I teach them into their lives not relating to me. My daughter often checks herself too. I love that. She will say something to her brother and if he starts to cry (he’s going through a everything is mine phase) she turns and asks me “that’s okay right mom? I’m telling him how I feel nicely. I don’t like what he did to me.” That shit right there has me dancing on my toes! My son does this as well by saying things like “ that hurts my feelings” or “I don’t want to play right now.” I’m just over here gleaming. Pay attention to HOW you teach your kids how you would like them to be. We all want to raise decent humans so check yourself, and do it often because what you do and how you say things reflects onto your kiddos.

Clean with plants

I am A L L for plant based anything. I say, eat more plants. I like to stay plant based as much as possible while this whole COVID thing runs rampant. It IS hard though because now people are purchasing all of the plant based products! It’s bittersweet. I want the whole world to change to plant based, or at least include more plants into our diets at least! Even if you’re a die hard meat eater and WON’T consider eating more plants, could you consider switching to plant based cleaning products?

*my own personal picture*

Okay, so I know the deal, “plants can’t KILL germs as good as bleach can.” Whether you believe that’s true or not, they actually can. I like to think of it as ‘powered by nature’. I recently made the switch to better plant based cleaning products and I do not regret it at all. I made the commitment to subscribe once a month to choose which cleaning products I use with a shop club thats actually fairly recognized. I love knowing that my kids can help me clean the entire house without harming them a great deal. Plus, the cleaners are packed with pure essential oils so cleaning makes the house smell even more yummy (aside from the orange peels I sometimes boil). I honestly felt guilty trying to quickly clean the bathrooms before my almost 10mo old comes crawling in. “Well why don’t you just clean when they go to bed? Or maybe your husband should pick up a broom and clean.” Great questions, 1. because who TF cleans at night when all the kids go to bed? 2. My husband is my number one supporter. He picks up where I lack and vise versa. The reason he’s not picking up a broom currently is because he’s deployed. 😉 I carry my 10mo on my back usually and have two other kiddos running around. The chemical smell made me feel guilty because they would inhale it no matter how little product I used plus the ventilation. I just knew there had to be a better way to clean without potentially harming my kids.

I do my best to research as much as possible the products and items we use in our household but I never thought to with cleaners because I always thought if I wanted to get rid of all the bacteria I must use bleach products. BOY was I wrong. Turns out some bacteria on surfaces is actually good bacteria, kinda like how there should be good bacteria having a party in your gut. It just makes the world function properly because those bacteria help kill the bad bacteria! We need some of those good bacterias to help protect us. I still remember the days (just a few days ago) the inhalation of ajax lining my mouth…mmmm..! That gritty, chemical taste is like my childhood growing up. But the inhalation of such chemicals is so harmful. Why not use essential oils like you do with a diffuser? Except to clean instead! I’m for it.

I love the shop club, I love that I don’t have to shop for these items, and I also love how the shop club offers other products like nutritional items, vitamins, skin/body care and more. Like I REALLY am/will use TF out of the subscription. I only have to spend between $60-85/mo on items that i already spend that much money on except I don’t have to leave my house. I love that I can get it delivered to my door. To be honest, I didn’t think that I would utilize the subscription. I never thought I spent that much on household items until I was able to breakdown what I actually buy and compare the prices with the shop club. Turns out I’m actually saving money with the membership especially since most of the products come concentrated (I’m finally not buying water THANK GOD!). However, between body wash, face care, dish soap/detergent, laundry detergent, spot cleaners, floor cleaners the list can go on I can literally utilize (and probably spend more sorry hubs) the subscription and save some money while doing it!